Valérian de Thézan de Gaussan · Data Engineering for process-heavy organizations

Redefining Software Development: more than just coding

A vital truth in the tech world.

“Think software development is just about writing code? Think again.”

This statement often catches many by surprise, but it’s a vital truth in the tech world. As a dedicated data and software engineering consultant, I want to emphasize that excellence in our field extends far beyond just typing lines of code.

For starters, Continuous Delivery is not just a buzzword. It’s a core practice, involving numerous strategies that ensure a seamless, efficient delivery of software.

Moreover, understanding the intricacies of networks - what happens between our machines’ network cards - is crucial in today’s interconnected world.

Then, there’s the art of code itself. Advanced practices like refactoring, Test-Driven Development (TDD), and clean code aren’t just fancy terms; they are the backbone of robust, sustainable software.

Design too plays a pivotal role. Grasping concepts like Domain-Driven Design, understanding UML diagrams, and the nuances of use-case driven design can be the difference between a good software and a great one.

Without this comprehensive skill set, the risk is high: poor code, reinventing the wheel, or overlooking existing concepts.

However, technical skills alone aren’t enough. Soft skills are equally essential:

  • Project Management: Understanding team dynamics, best practices, and distinguishing ‘corporate jargon’ from true agility.
  • Communication: Software development is a team sport. Knowing how to interact, and collaborate through pair or mob programming is vital.
  • Leadership: Guiding clients and teams towards best practices is not just a role; it’s a responsibility.
  • Reporting to client: Discussing with the right level of abstraction depending on our interlocutor, using the right vocabulary for the right person.

Software creation is more than just coding. It’s about understanding the broader business picture, mastering a diverse set of skills, and leading teams and clients towards excellence.

As your advisor in this journey, I bring not just execution skills but a commitment to being a guide and mentor, helping navigate the complex world of software and data engineering.