Valérian de Thézan de Gaussan · Data Engineering for process-heavy organizations

A browser extension to lock the LinkedIn feed

and regain a bit of your attention

Last Wednesday, I got an email from LinkedIn stating that I’ve received an InMail.

I logged in.

But then, the unexpected happened.

The feed, with its endless parade of appealing hooks, entrancing pictures, and catching stories, ensnared me.

I lost 12 minutes, vanished into thin air, my initial purpose forgotten.

It was not the first time I got my attention stolen. But I decided it would be the last.

I created a browser extension to lock the feed behind a button. Contrary to other existing extensions, it doesn’t remove permanently the feed. By clicking the unlock button, you’ll get back your feed.

Image showing the LinkedIn Feed locked behind a button.

It is a simple protection against attention-grabbing posts with the convenience of still having the ability to view it when you want.

It’s free, no ads, nothing. Available for Chrome and Firefox.

Let’s be the masters of our own attention.

Get the extension

Get Linkedin Feed Locker for Firefox Get Linkedin Feed Locker for Chromium