Valérian de Thézan de Gaussan · Data Engineering for process-heavy organizations

Why I do data architecture AND governance AND generative AI.

You might think specializing in one area is best.

« You should specialize in one domain only! You can’t be developing AI-based agents, PLUS doing data engineering and data governance? »

You might think specializing in one area is best. You may wonder how I manage to do all at once.

Let me explain why it all connects perfectly.

First, AI helps automate the manual processes that slow your business down. By using smart algorithms, we can cut down on both time and errors. This makes your operations faster and more reliable.

Then, data engineering comes in. This is where we set up systems to make sure your data is clean, organized, and ready to use. This is setting the stage for AI to work its magic effectively.

Finally, there’s data governance. This ensures that your data is not only accurate and secure but also used in ways that comply with laws and regulations. It’s about keeping everything in check and maintaining trust.

Together, these elements work hand-in-hand to transform bulky, inefficient operations into streamlined, cost-effective systems. This means less waste, lower costs, and better results for your business.

So, while it may sound like a lot, each area supports the others. That’s how I help organizations like yours become more efficient and competitive.