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Be cautious, as you might acquire forbidden knowledge that could render you excessively powerful.

Migrating from GPT-4 to LLaMA3 using Groq

A few good reasons to switch.

How to use Llama3 with Groq

Simple tutorial to run Llama3 from the fastest inference engine on the market, at the best price.

What does "inference" mean in the AI world?

You keep seeing this word but you don't understand its meaning: here's a short explanation

How much does enabling RAG costs for your organization?

So you can know in advance how much your RAG project will cost.

Unstructured data ➡ Structured data

One of the big use-case of LLMs. But how?

OpenAI bill is too high?

You can save 50% by using the batch API.

Why I do data architecture AND governance AND generative AI.

You might think specializing in one area is best.

Using SMALLINT for id column is a bad idea

... unless you enjoy your app stopping working at some point.

A browser extension to lock the LinkedIn feed

and regain a bit of your attention

A simple mnemonic to optimize your SQL queries.

Easy to remember, featuring squirrels 🐿️

Stop using complicated technologies to solve simple problems.

Here's how I built in 5 minutes a data pipeline for a simple extract-transform-load process.

CoderPad released a "State of the Tech" 2024 report.

It highlights an encouraging trend towards freelancing within the industry.

The two-fold cost analysis that I use for any data infrastructure.

It yields a lot of value by mostly removing stuff.

No more Talend Open Studio. What should you do?

Qlik announced that Talend Open Studio, the non-commercial version of Talend Studio, will be discontinued by January 31, 2024.

"It just takes this to do that": Oh, really?

Have you noticed? Those words that slipped in?

Those who understand this concept will own 100% of the software development market share by 2030.

It's about the principle of resource efficiency vs flow efficiency in Lean.

Inexpensive Data Platform

Don't let yourself be fooled by crazy engineers.

Introducing a developer toolbox.

One more in an ocean of toolboxes.

Programmation orientée objet

(French) Cours de Programmation Orientée Objet avec exercices.

Agility: an analogy

An analogy to keep in mind in all your discussions about agile software development.

The one bug every Python developer will encounter once.

An annoying bug with Python that can be easily avoided.

The three great pillars of a data system.

Resiliency, Scalability, Maintainability

The bold truth about agile in IT projects

The IT project management world suffers the same issues as the climate.

Starting a Software Project Right

It just requires a one-page document.

The first question to ask when requested a new feature

It is not 'When this needs to be done'

About removing code

I'm in the business of deleting code, not just writing it.

The only Thing that Matters is Priority

Focusing on priority is a simple yet effective way of reducing waste in project management.

On the importance of tests in software.

Did you know that 50% of developers never conduct any tests?

Turning legacy code into gold.

Embracing the challenge for profitable outcomes by avoiding cynicism.

The role of the Data Engineer.

The role of a Data Engineer is often misunderstood.

The database is not the center of your application.

Your use-cases are. The database is a dependency and should be treated as such.

Failure Case Study #2: How to lose $400 million.

Here's how to avoid following Nike's path to a $400 million loss.

Advice for devs who want to build strong ETLs.

4 actionable best practices to start writing solid code.

Don't estimate.

Let me help you estimate your tasks.

Paying technical debt vs adding business value.

If you don't care about technical debt, read this to understand how it impacts indirectly your business.

Failure Case Study #1: The error made by French television the night of the election.

For 2 hours and 40 minutes, wrong numbers were displayed. Here's how to avoid making the same mistake.